Welcome to Specialty Matboard


Since the inception of our company in 1992, Specialty Matboard has dominated furniture market arenas with more than 160 distinctive designs developed to enhance matboard for the framing industry. Through techniques unique to Specialty Matboard, we have created a line of decorative matboards whose hallmark is an unbelievable richness and texture. These sophisticated finishes have allowed mass production on processes that before could only be attained by using painted or fabric laid mats.

Primarily, Specialty Matboard’s target market is a volume- wholesale manufacturer. Our product has been developed to minister to the need of production capabilities. Therefore, our designs have a buffered CREAM-CORE. Our matboards are available to the retail segment of the market through distributors and direct sell. Please see our distributor list for further information and availability. 

If you are a custom framer or retail/gallery shop:

Click here for a list of distributors for Specialty Matboard – chevrons available through their network. If no distributor is listed for your area, please contact Specialty Matboard to discuss our direct sell program. (800-280-6287)

If you are a manufacturer or contract designer:  Click here to request the complete line of Specialty Matboard products or call 800-280-6287 to request by phone or 256-891-7199 by fax.